Saturday, April 19, 2014

The Joy of Believing

Since I haven't blogged about anything in quite some time, I thought why not on this beautiful Shabbat day.

I read a posting this morning that Hebrew Roots and Messianic believers can many times take the joy out of being a believer.  I can somewhat relate to that because it seems many posts on various media outlets only pertain to negativity and division between YEHOVAH's two groups of believers.  Instead of relishing in the fact that we have many people, all on the same road trying to serve and learn about the Father of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, we instead criticize and belittle........every.......little........thing someone does or does not do.

It seems many believers become so arrogant in what they've learned, that everyone else has to conform to their standard or else we just don't measure up.  Instead of growing together, someone ends up creating their own doctrine (probably unintentional but it happens) others need to conform too.  No wonder there are so some many 'doctrines' in the first place.

So today my friends, whoever and wherever you are, I would ask you to let the joy of believing fill your heart, find peace in yourself and your HIS belief system, learn to work next to and discuss issues of doctrines as adults (please as adults not as kindergarteners) with open hearts and minds so we can all grow and learn.  Remember, our Father says 'iron sharpens iron', not 'this iron is sharper then yours so if you don't conform to these 11 minute principles I will cut you down'.

YEHOVAH's words, HIS son and his covenant with us is so beautiful, so engaging and poetic, that don't we owe it to HIM to be kind and loving to our brothers and sisters no matter where they are in their walk.  I believe we do.  Find the joy again in Father, let HIM reign down Glory and Mercy in your life, relish in what YESHUA did on the cross and be the light we are called to be; not by saying it, but by living a friendly, joy filled life helping each brother and sister along.

Shabbat Shalom

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