Our Beliefs

We believe the Torah was not done away with at the cross.  We believe that we should keep the Seventh Day Sabbath which is the hub of the wheel of Genesis.  Then we go out from there to keep the Seven Feasts.  We know His ways are cyclical.  Just look out your window and look at His creation.  Every thing is refreshed every year, month, week and day.   The New Moon is not new, just refreshed.  It is not a New Covenant but a Refreshed Covenant.  The New Testament is not new, but True. 

We do not celebrate any holidays. We believe if we take part in holidays we become in covenant with other gods.  We do not celebrate birthdays, new year's, valentine's, st. patrick's, July 4th,  labor day, thanksgiving, christmas, etc.  We understand we are in Egypt and this is not our home.  So we should not take part of this world's ways.  We believe that Satan also has his cyclical ways. Although, we believe that he makes you think it is linear. 

We have come out of Babylon, the confusing/mixture of the church/christianity. We call ourselves bondservants. No religion, no church, etc. The Apostles called themselves Bondservants of Yeshua. They understood what it was to be an olah offering.  They never called themselves christians. It was pagans that gave them that title. As for as being a bondservant, we are servants who love our Master and have our ears open to what He has to teach us and guide us, and to give Him ourselves, wholly and holy. Him teaching us one on one like in the Garden. It is what He has always wanted.

We also believe in the Two Houses.  There is the House of Israel and the House of Judah, but He is calling His people back to Him and making two sticks one, The House of Israel. The Whole House.   That is happening, just like the christians are coming out of Christianityand keeping Torah, Sabbath, and His Feasts.  Jews are seeing the Messiah and leaving Judaism.  It is an exciting time, "for just such a time as this".

We believe that we are coming to the end of the fulness of the Gentiles, as our Father is opening our eyes to Torah more and more.  Now that said, this is what is on our heart that we feel convicted of.  You may not feel convicted concerning, birthdays, or regular holidays and that is fine.  You have to seek Him out on what you are convicted about.  Please don't take our word for it.  Please, please, please study the word and pray about what is on your heart.  We are learning and just want to share what we are being shown as our Father has used others to show us what is on His heart and we just want to reciprocate.  There is only One Word and that is where we should take everything back to, the Bible.  Everytime we learn something new or hear a Hebrew Roots teacher speak we are searching the scripture to see if it is Truth.  And you should do the same. Be a Berean (Acts 17:11).  Don't take anyone's word for it, search the scriptures. 



  1. Good Evening, I just found your blog by following a link from the beautiful picture of you (or a woman) lighting a candle. I wanted to encourage you in what you are doing here! Keep up the good fight of faith!
    Blessings and Shalom, pamela