Saturday, April 26, 2014

Maturing - It's Not So Bad After All

I think I have finally come to the conculsioin that maturing in my forties isn't so bad.  Here's just a few of the plus(s) as I contemplate my life on this Shabbat:

- I enjoy taking naps on Shabbat

- I realize I am not as concerned about what other people may think
- I enjoy the small things in life; like watching birds play in the backyard, squirrels eating off a corn cob, and beautiful flowers starting to bloom
- I like taking deep breaths and 'taking it all in' and am not as concerned about everything in life like I used to be
- I look at the gray hairs in my beard or on the side of my head and say to myself, 'man that looks good, looks like 'wisdom' is finally coming in'
- I enjoy the family time more then ever before, like sitting around a fire pit eating smores with a chill in the air and warmth by fire all at the same time
- I am thankful and feel immensely blessed where I am in my life and career, and while I want to go further and do more, I realize that the 24x7 chaos of trying to get there isn't all that's cracked up to be
- And yes, I tear up once in a while as I watch my teenagers, reminiscing about when they were just babies and holding them or playing games or reading books
- And most of all..........I realize my teenagers will be adults one day, have their own kids and life, and may go through similar situations me and Mrs P. went through, then I sit back, get a big smile on my face and say 'baaaahahahahahahahahahah'.

Yes folks, being in your early forties isn't so bad after all.  Remember, work hard, play hard, and most of all give the glory to our Father YEHOVAH in all things.


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